The Oxford Mathematical Institute building

Mathematical Institute, 

The University of Oxford

Mathematical Institute

University of Oxford

Andrew Wiles Building

Radcliffe Observatory Quarter 

Woodstock Road


OX2 6GG 

Getting here

The Mathematical Institute

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 The Department

Registration will be in the foyer of the Mathematical Institute as you first walk in. 

Most of the talks will be in L2 or L3 and lunches and coffee breaks will take place in the south mezzanine, situated in the area between L2 and L3. 

There will be a quiet room in room C1 and a prayer room in C2. 

Toilets, including disabled toilets, are situated near L2. Gender-neutral toilets are situated inside the core staircase near the undergraduate study room and will be signposted. 

After registration, the reception table will move downstairs to the area near L1. There will be a member of the committee at Reception at all times during the day. 

A floor plan of the Mathematical Institute downstairs